Hepatitis C Sufferers

Is a certain diet required for hepatitis C sufferers?

Hepatitis C sufferer can eat normally and maintain a normal diet as long as it is healthy and consists of nutrients needed for the body. It maybe suggested lowering the intake of salt and protein if the liver is damaged as these things maybe too much for it to process. Often hospital dietician will go through a list of things to eat and not to eat. 

Travelling abroad

If you suffer from hepatitis C and are travelling abroad it is important to ask your doctor for advice as they are relatively the only people apart from yourself who know your medical history and can advise you on what the best options are. You may require certain vaccinations to stop you from getting ill while travelling to different countries. Always bring any notes and medical records you have in case you get ill and need medical treatment.

Is it possible to have a baby if either parent as hepatitis C

There is a small risk of 2 per cent that a pregnant women can pass hepatitis C on to the baby. It is not quite clear when the transition happens, if it’s during the pregnancy or the delivery. Having intercourse with a person who has hepatitis C casts a small risk of the other person catching it. If the male has it there is a small risk of the female contracting it having unprotected intercourse. If either partner has it the other should be tested.

What can make Hepatitis C worse?

Hepatitis C is a virus that affects the liver and damages it so it’s vital for a person who has hepatitis C to limit their intake of alcohol or abstains from it totally as alcoholic can on also affect the function of the liver.

Signs that show liver neglect;

·         Blood sugar in-balance

·         Pain in the area of the liver

·         Exhaustion

·         Nightmares and insomnia

·         Acne

·         Flu like symptoms

·         Hair breakage

Things that is good for the liver

·         Good nutritious diet

·         Non fatty foods

·         Herbs and flavouring such as sage and thyme rather than salt

·         Eat fruit and vegetables and well as rice and cereals

·         Keep your weight at a healthy level so that the body is not bombarded with food products it cannot break down.

·         Exercise often

·         Many prescribed medication or over the counter medications can harm the liver if taken over a long period of time. Always check which medications can do this.

·         Milk thistle is an herbal remedy well known for cleansing the liver.

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