The Symptoms of Hepatitis C

If you are worried that you have hepatitis C, this article contains some information about the symptoms that you can expect to be associated with it. It can be a very scary experience thinking that you have hepatitis C. The stress of worrying alone is not healthy and this article provides a guide that lets you know the common symptoms that those suffering may be faced with. It is extremely important though that you seek medical advice as soon as possible.


About one in four of those that contract hepatitis C will develop symptoms in their first stage of getting infected. In the medical world, this is also referred to as acute hepatitis C.


What You Can Expect


·         If you get a very high fever, that exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, or above then you should be very wary. Your body is trying to warn you that you are sick, and your immune system is trying to fight off an infection of some kind

·         You can expect to feel extremely exhausted, but not feel refreshed with sleep

·         Your appetite may have taken a dive and as a result you may suddenly start to lose weight

·         Your stomach might pain you

·         You may feel sick

·         You may also vomit

·         You may also get a sharp pain just above your abdomen on the right side (in the place your liver is)


The above symptoms usually kick in the first few weeks after you have been infected. One in 5 people that have acute hepatitis C symptoms also experience jaundice (otherwise known as yellowing of the skin) this will be obvious because your skin colour will change dramatically.


The human body can eliminate one out of five cases of the disease, and if you are lucky enough to have your body naturally expel hepatitis C, you will never have symptoms again. Unless of course, you were to become re-infected, in which case your body may not be able to get rid of the disease again.


In other cases, the hepatitis C virus stays inside the human body for years; this is of course referred to as chronic hepatitis C.


What You Can Expect With Chronic Hepatitis C


Symptoms are varied, and everyone’s body reacts differently. Some cannot even notice symptoms, and others get a very bad bout and their lives are severely affected by the disease. Symptoms can come and go as they please. There can be periods of remission that then appear again when you least expect it. It certainly is not something that is easy to live with.


A Visit to Your Doctor Can Put Your Mind at Ease


If you do have any of the above symptoms, and if they seem to keep coming back, then you should make sure that you visit your GP immediately. This is particularly important in those that have a past with drug misuse and injecting drugs. Also, it is important to note that it does not necessarily mean that you have hepatitis C. it is extremely important that you do keep tabs on your health and take preventive measures to check up though. You only get one life, and that is why it is important to ensure that you take good care of your health. When you feel ill, seek help from your doctor.

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